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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law is a process that aims to settle family disputes without having to go to court. In this process, each person appoints his or her own lawyer and then meets to conduct negotiations face to face rather than exclusively through their lawyers.

Both Seema and Andrea have completed their collaborative training and worked through several collaborative family law files. This process is particularly helpful to clients who wish to preserve respect for one another and come up with creative solutions.

Jain Family Law & Mediation prepares domestic contracts, separation agreements and prepares clients to attend Court. Whether you are looking to formalize an agreement, trying to change an existing arrangement or simply seeking assistance during the court process, Jain Family Law & Mediation can help you learn your rights, entitlements and obligations every step of the way.

Our lawyers enjoy educating clients on the law while negotiating and advocating for a resolution they wish to achieve.

Traditional Family Law, Negotiation and Litigation

Family Law Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary process in which a third party assists separating couples arrive at an agreement without the necessity of attending Court. A mediator will meet with each individual separately prior to holding a joint meeting. A mediator is a neutral party and does not represent the interests of either party.

Seema began conducting family law mediations in 1998.

Seema is an accredited mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM). She offers comprehensive mediation in all areas of family law including parenting and financial issues. In order to initiate a mediation, she will need to meet with each participant to the mediation individually.

Seema approaches mediation from the perspective that mediation is an opportunity for people to attempt to engage in a process that fosters respect and allows people to make their own choices. Conflict is difficult on multiple levels, and she employs sensitive strategies whilst navigating people through this process.


Arbitration is a proceeding in which a dispute is resolved by an impartial adjudicator whose decision the parties to the dispute have agreed will be final and binding. There are limited rights of review and appeal of arbitration awards. Arbitration differs from court in that the proceedings are conducted in private and are only made public with the consent of all parties to the dispute. Arbitration can also be more inexpensive that court and result in an award in a matter of weeks rather than months or years.

Seema arbitrates complex custody and access disputes along with financial issues in a fair and efficient manner. 

Child Protection Mediation

Seema is an Accredited Child Protection Mediator by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. She is also a panel member of the Toronto Mediation Centre. She has been conducting child protection mediations since 2006.

As Seema has been counsel for all of the possible parties involved in child protection matters, she has a strong understanding of the nature of the issues and works on creative solutions that are permitted under the confines of the Child and Family Services Act.

Parenting Co-ordination

Parenting Co-ordination is a specific process tailored to assist high conflict families to manage and implement parenting plans. Parenting co-ordinators are often lawyers or social workers who use strategies to de-escalate conflict and educate throughout the process.

In an effort to assist those families who are not able to manage their new roles and relationships, Seema offers a hybrid mediation/arbitration process. Her focus involves ensuring that the caregivers feel heard while maintaining primary focus on the best interests of their children.

Private Child Representation

Having been a member of the Personal Legal Rights Panel of the Office of the Children's Lawyer for fifteen years, Seema has extensive experience representing the interests of children in both custody/access and child protection proceedings. Seema can be retained to represent children or to provide a "Voice of the Child" report on a more limited basis.

The information Seema brings to the table during the course of her representation of children is often critical to the dispute and facilitates settlement between the parties. She understands the delicate balance of providing information to children whilst being sensitive to their stages of development and particular needs.

Private Adoptions

Adoption is the process of making a parent-child relationship legal and permanent, as though the child were born to that parent. 

Andrea has assisted several clients with private adoptions to adopt stepchildren (including adult stepchildren), relatives, or children who have been in their care. Andrea has experience dealing with various issues that can arise during the adoption process, including service issues, a biological parent who is not consenting to an adoption, as well as openness and disclosure of information.

Andrea has written articles for the Lawyer's Daily and presented on adoption for the Ontario Bar Association. Andrea considers adoption to be one of the most rewarding areas of her practice.

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